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The therapist

My background is in Agroforestry Engineering.

I’ve always been particularly interested in the relationship between the various ecosystems and their interconnections: Agriculture, water, forests, climate, environment, social impacts etc.


When faced with an imbalanced system, it is essential to look at it from different parameters and to approach it as part of these wider interconnections.


I have graduated from the Cranio Sacral Therapy College in London UK. It is the first, largest and most established College in this discipline in Europe. It has an indisputable reputation.


I have experienced first-hand various therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy, meditative practices, physical training, massages, silent retreats etc. These, alongside my professional and personal background have given me a real understanding of the interrelation body-mind-spirit.

Postgraduates CPD trainings completed


with Thomas Attlee

PART 1: The Arm and the Leg 

PART 2: The Neck and the Trunk


Réintégration des membranes transverses (2017)

The S.T.A.I.R.S Protocole with Andrew Stones

Somatic (bodily) Transverse (diaphragms) Automatically-Integrating Reciprocation System

Fondation d’embryologie (2018)

The Journey of the Incoming Soul in connection with Embryology (3 days)

With Elissa Dell

Lets Breathe - Treating Paediatric Respiratory Disorders (2019)

with Miranda Clayton

Syllabus here


      Cranio Sacral Therapy

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